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Happy Valentine's Day from Hillcroft Photography


There are varying opinions about Valentine's Day, some people like to celebrate the day and others don't.

For me, I love Valentine's Day! I'm a romantic! I love doing something extra special for my husband on Valentine's Day and in return, I like when he does something special and out of the ordinary for me! In the hustle and bustle and craziness of life with work and everything going on around us, it's easy to forget about doing the little things for your significant other that makes them smile or feel loved. Valentine's Day gives everyone the chance to do just that and to celebrate their own unique love story. Valentine's Day gives people the chance to remember the reasons why they love each other and to go out of our way and do something special for them.

When Kyle and I were first dating, one of the coolest things were learned about each other were our love languages! They had free quizzes online and it allowed us to understand each other better in how we express and show love to each other! There are 5 key love languages: Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Quality Time and Acts of Service. Everyone feels and expresses love in one or more of those categories! We all want to be loved in every category, but we each have a number 1! My top love language is Words of Affirmation! That is how I feel loved the most and that is how I love other people, by complimenting and encouraging them, lifting them up and supporting them! So when someone writes me a little note, sends an email or a text letting me know they are thinking about me, it means the world! The way I feel love and express love is not the same as how my husband feels loved or expresses love... this isn't a bad thing, just different!

If you can believe it, this is our 4th Valentine's Day together! Crazy! Most days it feels like we've been together way longer! It's nice though, that Valentine's Day is combined with Family Day weekend this year, a few extra days off together! So far, we've gone hiking, shopping (now that stores have opened up again in our area), played card games and just enjoyed being in each others presence! With that being said... I'm about to get back to celebrating the day with my best friend and the love of my life! Hope you have an awesome day!

See you all back here next week!

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