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6 Tips for a Stress-Free Pregnancy Photoshoot

I had the absolute privilege of getting to shoot this lovely couples pregnancy announcement a couple weeks ago and have been dying to post the photos! They have finally made the public announcement which means I'm able to blog about it!!! Yay!

Amanda and Shaun were married in July of 2020 and are now expecting their little one this summer, August 2021! Such an exciting time for them in their lives! (Take a peek at the photos from our session and check out Martha - one of their fury children!)

We did the photoshoot at Amanda's Nana's farm in Balderson, ON. The farm is a special place in both of their hearts. It is where Amanda grew up and called a second home for many many years! It was an extremely windy day and the sun wasn't necessarily cooperating with us but we still managed to have a great time and get a couple neat photos in the process! ;)

I watched as Shaun and Amanda revealed the news to her Nana and excitement flooded her face!! It was an incredibly special and precious moment. Adding another life into the world and into their family is the adventure these two love birds have been waiting for!

My biggest congratulations goes out to both Amanda and Shaun!!


Tips and Tricks for Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoots!

  1. Chat with your photographer (me!) about your ideas - when you want to announce, to who, what to wear, where to do the photoshoot, etc.

  2. Ladies, wear an outfit that will show off your belly!!! (You can always send me pictures of your options and I can help you choose!)

  3. Men, listen to your woman about what they want you to wear (they've most likely consulted with me and I've given them some great wardrobe ideas)!

  4. Bring your ultrasound picture to the photoshoot

  5. Bring any baby clothes/toys/blankets that you may want to include - again, we'll chat about this prior to the day!

  6. MOST IMPORTANT TIP - Have fun! I will make sure the photoshoot is stress free and we will have a blast!

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