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Instagram Photoshoot in the Snow

It's hard to believe another week has come and gone! To me, it felt like it went by pretty quickly, mind you for my husband, he felt the opposite. Big news this week, I officially booked a wedding for Fall 2021 at a gorgeous location! I am beyond excited! Unfortunately I can't give away too many of the details (it's top secret!), however, I'm able to blog about it and give you more details after the big day!

To add to the fact that I've booked a wedding this week, I also had two awesome photoshoots! One photoshoot took place at Charleston Lake Provincial Park where we hiked almost 8.5kms!!! What an awesome park! There are some incredible trails both for skiing and walking - if you haven't been there, you should go check it out! The trails range from just over 1km to 12+kms!

We saw some amazing views and the couple I was working with were awesome at bearing with me as I attempted to make my first "reel" for instagram. Boy oh boy, I didn't think reels would be so hard, they actually take quite a bit of time! I applaud all of you that make them on a regular basis!! (If you haven't made one, give it a go!) Needless to say, the reel was a success and it was recommended to me that I should make more behind the scenes videos when I'm doing photoshoots so... as you can probably guess, that is what I'm going to do!

Here you can check out some of the photos below! We tried to play around with the snow - throwing it up in the air and trying to capture it in the photos... in theory, it's a good idea, but sometimes it didn't quite turn out... that being said though, we had an absolute blast giving it a go!

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