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How I Became a Wedding Photographer

For those of you that don't know me, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my background and how I got into photography!!!

As a kid, I would constantly be stealing my mom's disposable camera, which turned into a point and shoot and was then upgraded to a digital little underwater camera...I would take pictures of any and everything - our pets (Daisy and Sarah), my younger brother and sisters, our Barbies and Lego, the flowers in the garden, literally anything!! About 8 years ago, in high school, I decided to take a photography class as I wanted to learn more about being a photographer, use a "fancier" camera and learn how to edit my photos... It quickly became my favourite class and I took as many of the photography/com tech courses that I could and was actually appointed as the lead photographer for the school yearbook! (That seems like so long ago!)

Anyways, I graduated high school and ventured off to university with the hopes of becoming a police officer (never did I think I'd be able to start my own business as a photographer). During my time at university, my passion for photography only grew as I travelled to new places in the world, looked to capture the picture perfect moment in nature and photographed my two younger sisters A LOT (they were always good about modelling for me). Four years later, I graduated with my honours degree in Criminal Justice and decided to go to Teacher's College in Wales, UK. This was another amazing opportunity to see more of the world and take some incredible photos (I've posted some below). It never really occurred to me that people would want to see my photos, let alone be photographed by me so I pushed my passion to the wayside.

That was about 2 and half years ago... So, in 2019, I graduated from Teacher's College, got married to the love of my life and started supply teaching for the local school board. The supply teaching didn't last long because, as we all know, in March of 2020, COVID hit... Being in the lockdown situation made me re-evaluate my priorities and my passions. Numerous times, my mind reverted to how much I enjoy taking photos... I like taking photos of nature and architecture... however, I receive the most joy and happiness in making other people smile and laugh and for me to capture those moments on camera!!!

Needless to say, just shy of two months ago, I dove in and started my business! So, here we are!!! A couple photoshoots completed, website created, and now revamped... (as I mentioned in my previous post - this is a learning curve!) and now, I'm getting excited for the photoshoots I have scheduled and coming up just around the corner!!

Stay tuned! Next post will be published in 7 days!!!

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